Wednesday, December 28, 2011

my super mega religion podcast with david bazan: both parts are up now

So my conversation with Bazan on the Grapes of Rad went on for 3 1/2 hours and (what we recorded, anyway) and they posted it in two parts. In Part One we all talked about leaving our faith and growing up as preachers' kids and why Newt Gingrich has a chance in hell, American Girls, non-practicing evangelicalism (which Dave identifies as), questioning, hating, bitterness, grief, Joseph Campbell, how not knowing is scary, and I also told the story about how Carman grabbed my ass one time. That was in part one and it is here.

In part two we talked about Santa’s influence on Bazan’s view of God, masturbation, how I was in a Dr. James Dobson video in 1991, grief, Christians & therapy, WALL-E (twice!), using “Bug Me Bucks” to deal with ideological clashes at family gatherings, tits and ass, how Aaron and I met at one of Bazan’s Living Room Shows, underdogs and Malcolm Gladwell, abandonment and those you turn their backs on you if you stop believing their religion, Morning Loaf with The Rev. Jeff Breakfast, how being a parent changes things, Bazan and I both attended the same church for awhile, sex scandals with pastors, leaving churches for non-sex scandal reasons, and my we were drinking the whole time so my accent comes out more and more towards the end there.

I feel awful about how much I was interrupting but Ben said it was fine. I still hate myself for it.

So part two is here.

It was weird being so open about crazy personal stuff but I hope it helps people maybe. It better or it's all for nothing. Ha.

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