Friday, October 28, 2011

portishead and religion-induced panic attacks

Oh God. What's been going on? I'm at the library. It's my last non-working Friday after like nine years of working Monday - Thursdays. Now that both the kids are in school all day I'm going to 40 hours a week instead of 32...not sure how I feel about this. Kinda excited. Will miss my Fridays of Target and library and giant iced coffee from McDonald's. But hey, more money. And I will finally get to experience full Friday workweek joy where everyone goes IT'S ALMOST FRIDAY YAY FRIDAY'S HERE TGIF LOL ROFL LMAO

Ahh what else. We went to Portishead on Sunday with Tori and Bobby. By the grace of holy God I am friends with the Supergrass tour manager and he is TMing for Portishead on this tour so he texted me and said "How many backstage passes would you like?" So we took Tori and Bobby because they're in the Seattle symphony and Portishead has strings, right, but turns out they weren't touring with them this time. NO MATTER it was extra fun and we got to go straight back to catering and try not to bug the band before they went on. We were watching Man U (like I give a shit but it's cute to watch Englishmen get excited about their little soccer games) and there was amazing food and I got caught up on what the Supergrass lads are doing from Mick the TM and Gavin the lovely roadie who I met when he was touring with Hotrats last year. It was kinda fun going out from behind the curtain to where the big stadium was and Mick said "sorry you're in with all the plebes" - ha! Because we WERE. There were these skanks with tube tops and butterfly tattoos on the back of their necks and they were dancing like it was a Dave Matthews show. It was hilarious, and angering, but mostly hilarious. The set was gorgeous and I love how understated Beth Gibbons is, she was just wearing jeans and a t-shirt and they did this sparse version of Wandering Star that gave me chills. David put that song on his first mix tape to me. I put Glory Box on my first mix tape to him. Oh Portishead you helped get us married. Maybe.

I've been wrestling with sadness that's been resurfacing from the break with church last year. Just so sad. I have to feel it. I can't believe this stuff goes on, but it does.

And today I've got a bee in my bonnet about Mark Driscoll's latest post on his site, he posted this article called Dating, Relating and Fornicating (classic) and I felt really sad and upset while I was reading it. Some quotes from this article that especially caught my attention:

"[At Mars Hill] tend to verbally beat boys who can shave (men who are adults chronologically but kids in terms of responsibility) like drill sergeants. The ones who don’t leave to blog about their hurt feelings tend to stay, grow up, man up, and eventually get married to a nice gal who would like to have babies but does not want to be married to one."

"A guy told me it was very important that his future wife love rock climbing, until I explained to him that it’s not the ideal activity for a pregnant lady."

"The greatest love story in the Bible after Jesus and the church is Ruth and Boaz." (According to who?) 

"Ladies, the Bible teaches that the man should lovingly lead as the head of the home."

"Also, when dating someone, remember that the goal of Christian dating is not to have a boyfriend or girlfriend but to find a spouse." (No, this is a goal of Christian culture, not the sole goal of a Christian who is dating.)

"Sometimes there are habitual sins, such as porn addiction, that need to be addressed." (There's that self-diagnosed Christian culture porn addiction again.)

"Grow as a Christian under solid, qualified elders and leaders." (Qualifed by who? Mars Hill's subjective unbiblical rating system of which people are valuable to your 'church or organization' as they say? See their rating system here:!/photo.php?fbid=10150520474258782&set=pu.130933208781&type=1&theater)

"If you have decent families, honor them." (Is the subtext here "don't honor them if they're not decent"? Christians are to honor everyone whether they're 'decent' or not.)

"Talk with the leaders at your local Mars Hill Church about opportunities for singles." (Subtext: only a Mars Hill church?)

"Any guy who takes a woman away from godly family and community is dangerous and up to no good." (Reminds me of the families of Mars Hill members who have shunned their families for their 'covenant sins.' See this post, especially the 2nd comment from the bottom:

Anyway. I put all of this at the Stuff Christian Culture Likes facebook page if you wanna take a gander. People are still commenting, which is good times.

Oh! Want to hear about my religion-induced panic attacks, Simone's hickey-covered coworker & presenting tacos as ID? GOOD cause it's all on the latest Dongtini.

This library computer says I have to go now so...k bye!

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Still Breathing said...

Not all Englishmen get excited about soccer - this one prefers Rugby Union!

"Also, when dating someone, remember that the goal of Christian dating is not to have a boyfriend or girlfriend but to find a spouse." was exactly how I thought and behaved through my teens. Then, when I was 22, I asked a 16 year old girl out just because we were friends - guess what, we have now been married for 31 years!!!

God bless and prayers from across the pond.