Monday, August 8, 2011


I haven't posted here in awhile, I'm usually spooging all over Facebook and Twitter instead, but for posterity wanted to post pictures from the Drury reunion in Santa Cruz last month. It was so beautiful there and fraught with all kinds of emotions. I just said fraught.

my son, husband and brother


the boys with their electronics


in the sprinkler in ashland

at haystack rock in canon beach

The week after the Santa Cruz reunion I went to LA by myself for five days with Simone and it was incredible. We talked about it all on this episode of Dongtini. We actually recorded three podcasts while I was there so there will probably be even more of the same soon. Yay?

Lately whenever I sit down and write it hurts to stop, it's like I have a lot to get out that I have no idea about yet, it's strange. Real life is keeping me from just filling up notebooks with random stuff but maybe I'll get to soon. Then something struck me last week was when I was in St. James cathedral dealing with the tragic cases that I have to read about at work, I was there feeling overcome that these kind of things happen and that there are so many parents who fail their children so profoundly, and while I was sitting with all of this a lady came in with her daughter who was probably four or five, and she was whispering to her about how to light a candle and then how to pray. She told her "Okay, say 'Jesus, thank you for today. Please bless me'" and I couldn't hear what else she said but it was overwhelmingly sweet and I was overcome for another reason, which was that this woman was being so sweet with her daughter and teaching her these things that were sacred to her. It felt providential that while I was grieving the stuff I was that an example of the opposite taking place would come to me. And it may seem to some people that she was doing her daughter a disservice by teaching her religious stuff but in this case it didn't strike me that way, it was just overwhelmingly lovely.


Still Breathing said...

Too often we come to God with a list of things we want Him to do and forget to thank Him for the wonderful gifts he gives us without us asking.'Jesus, thank you for today. Please bless me' is a wonderful prayer thanking Him first and then leaving Him to decide what's good for us.

God bless and this does not mean I will stop praying for you.


stephy said...