Tuesday, May 17, 2011

thoughts on the supposedly impending rapture

Our friend emailed us to ask what we think about the Save the Date rapture stuff. I thought I'd share David's reply, for whatever it's worth.

“It gives me comfort that Jesus essentially said, ‘You idiots trying to figure shit out, things never look like you expect them to! You thought King David was the messiah, then the next guy, then some other guy. Now that I am here you think I am going to whip out a sword and stab all the Romans. Fools. I do it my way and then you put the pieces together.’ Scripture says that we will have to be at the point where everyone is fed up with waiting for the rapture. Clearly, Christians aren't fed up yet. The people who get off on naming a date and time are doing damage. Jesus isn't interested in people ‘converted’ by virtue of fear. And what do you think will happen to those converts once he doesn't show up? In the meantime, not too many people get fearful anymore. Mostly people just say, ‘Look at those wacko Christians again. When they are wrong again, I will feel better about myself and my non-christianity.’

“During my theology masters at Regent I started to think of the afterlife as not such a harsh transition, but as a continuation. Families remain intact. Nature remains alive and all around us. There is sun and rain. Artists continue developing their craft. Time opens up, so that you can get together for long stretches of time with your favorite people now and from history. I like the idea of Jesus pointing to an empty bookshelf and saying to me, ‘You are going to fill this shelf with great stories and books, and I can't wait to read all of them. Take your time. And when you need another shelf, let me know. I am a carpenter, duh.’”


Anonymous said...

that's an awesome answer from your hubby

Nadine said...

You guys are great.