Tuesday, May 17, 2011

fun with wrong email addresses

My coworker Shari got this email by mistake that obviously wasn't meant for her, and she asked me to come up with something interesting to write back, so I did. (I hope she sends it.)

From: Emily
To: Sharon
Sent: Tuesday, May 17, 2011 10:28 AM
Subject: NSG 533

Hi Sharon,

I noticed on the time schedule that NSG 533 is videostreamed and in T 661 on Tues from 1:10-4:30...my preference is actually to come to class because i learn better in person but was previously told this class was strictly on-line. Can you clarify if it's both on-line and in person lecture?


From: Sharon
To: Emily
Subject: Re: NSG 533

Dearest Emily,

Thank you for your kind concern about whether this class is in person or online. In fact, I've been wondering that myself. I teach better online, but unfortunately, interacting with students is part of the job description. Haha! That reminds me. You'll love this: when I was interviewing for this job they asked me what my biggest strength is and I said that my strength is not killing students when they ask stupid questions! I get a LOT. You can only imagine. This question you asked is only halfway stupid. I get way worse, like "which building is our class in?" and "Can I have another syllabus?" so don't feel too bad.

Your prognosis for passing my class is dim at the outset, but if you can figure out on your own whether this class is online or an in-person lecture, then I will give you an A+. So, which do you think it is?

Fondly (in the fondle sense of the word),

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