Thursday, April 28, 2011

global economic collapse and cookie the penguin

I'm full of pensiveness. Pension. Ha! Well, speaking of pensions, that reminds me I'm also all concerned about the global economy and impending economic collapse so that's another thing to try not to worry about. I'm typing at the library and it suddenly smells weird in here. Like soil and mangos. This incessant rain has been tough to take and I'm spastically grateful for the two sunny days we had over the weekend, I'm still reminiscing about them. I want to go down and see Simone in LA. I'll even link her. SIMONE in L.A.

Please enjoy Cookie the penguin.

[found at Grapes of Rad]

So during lunch I walked over to the Frye Museum. All this time I've never been in there and it's so close. One installation was super creepy and I was scared of it! It was in a dark room and was like a big round tent with lights inside of it, and on the top was a giant form of a person's top half with a red cape over its head. There was spooky lighting in there and I was all alone. I crept forward to see the face of the...thing...and when I saw its head I skedaddled out of there! Then I decided to do one thing every day that scares me™ so I ventured back in. This time I saw that it was a sort of doll face but it had big manly arms and there was a tv in the tent that was showing some weird puppet torture. I feel art-ified!