Monday, April 25, 2011

friday funboard on monday

1. Name as it appears on your birth certificate?
2. Would you sell your soul for $1 million?
3. Have you ever forged your parents' signatures?
4. If so, what for?
5. What toy from your childhood should be brought back?

My answers:

1. Stephanie Lynne Hill
2. negatory
3. yes
4. On a note for Ms. Sloan in AP History in 10th grade. She caught me cutting class to hang out with Ching Mong and said I needed a note from my mom or else I'd get detention.
5. The talking Barbie that said "Math is hard!"


Amanda said...

love it! i may steal this post! i don't remember that barbie...but math is hard!

Still Breathing said...

1 Hugh Godfrey Aylward - My father was a cricket fanatic so I was given the name Godfrey after the Kent and England wicketkeeper Godfrey Evans.

2 No

3 No

4 No - sounds boring but I managed to not let them know when I was in trouble at school. Come to think about it not letting my parents know what I got up to may have been my best subject!

5 Not strictly a toy but the fact that a group of friends could just spend the day in the park on their bikes without their parents worrying about them.