Friday, April 29, 2011

friday fun board

1. The Royal Wedding: hot or not?

2. Favorite board game?

3. What food reminds you of your childhood?

4a. What isn't a sport, but should be?

4b. What is a sport, but shouldn't be?
My answers:
1. Hawt
2. Beyond Balderdash
3. Cooked carrots, cut into cross-sections
4a. The furious trying on of vintage clothes
4b. Cheerleading


Still Breathing said...

1 Hot

2 Scrabble

3 None in particular.

4 Paperclip straightening

5 Anything that relies on a judge's opinion and not measurement or score.

snowy gurl said...

1 Hot

2 Draughts

3 Peanut rissoles !

4a Wearing high heels

4b Any male sport that requires fluffer females on the sidelines

stephy said...

Haha fluffer females on the sidelines!