Friday, April 8, 2011

friday fun board

Every Friday Carrie's office asks four questions on the office whiteboard and everyone writes their answers as they walk by. Carrie always emails them out to a group of us and I heart them. Today's are

1. Would you rather be too cold or too hot?
2. What is your least favorite musical genre?
3. What is your favorite detail about your house/apartment?
4. If I had a dollar for every time someone said ______ to me, I'd be rich!

and my answers are

1. I dislike them both equally. Neither are acceptable.
2. Christian music trying to be hip, closely followed by world music and mopey indie rock
3. The hardwood floors
4. "You remind me of someone but I don't know who."


Bob said...

My answers (because this is fun, like a quiz in a teenybopper magazine):

1.I'd rather be too cold.
2.booty music
3.the people inside it (Say it: Awwww...!) or the fact that we might be selling it soon
4."Are those kids all yours?!!!?!?!!"

Rebecca M said...

And that would be me, Rebecca... Not Bob...

shelly said...

1) Too hot, I guess.

2) Country, followed by the current state of CCM.

3) Not sure I have a favourite.

4) "Are you in school", or any time someone presumes I'm in my late teens or twenties even though I turned 30 last year.

Still Breathing said...

My answers would be:

1 Too cold - it's easier to warm up than cool down.
2 Stockhausen
3 The fact that I can usually get some peace and quiet by retreating to our loft bedroom. Ironically before my daughter got married I would have said the amount of music in the house.
4 Before I retired it would have been 'Hugh, if you've got a moment...' This usually happened because I had a reputation for clearing computer 'faults' quicker that the helpdesk!

reborn1995 said...


i love hardwood floors! My last apartment had them, and now i'm back to carpet. Bummer.

Hey--tell me if you heard this:

Surely this fits into your "CCM trying to be hip" category. =o)


A Van Gundy said...

Oh man Stephy, I know this is long past, but I had to comment.

I'm not sure on 1-3, but for #4 it's definitely "you look like that girl from My Big Fat Greek Wedding!"

That followed me around for most of my college years.