Wednesday, April 20, 2011

adventures in apologizing

There's someone I hadn't talked to in something like four years because he'd said something that really hurt my feelings. A few weeks ago God said to me "What if you apologized to him for your part in your rift?" And I was like "oh great" and tried not to think about it. But then I racked my brain and found things to apologize to him for, because I wasn't blameless. So I emailed him a big and thorough apology and told him that I love him and I really meant it. It feels really counter-intuitive but also really good. Just wanted to share that.


Kara said...

lovely and brave.

AnikkiV said...

just in time for Easter ... Forgive us as we forgive.

Still Breathing said...

You've set me thinking; this may apply to a situation I'm in but the complication is that it isn't just 2 of us. I hope you get a positive response. God bless Hugh