Wednesday, March 16, 2011

never say no to panda

Carrie said this commercial will fulfill all my wildest dreams and did it ever!

Then I got this extremely excellent email about my blog last week. It made Email of the Day on the Facebook page.

From: Jayne Mendius
To: Stuff Christian Culture Likes
Subject: Hot? Or maybe not?

Just wanted to know I'm dropping your often entertaining blog today because I'm personally appalled by your "ew" at my innocuous comment.

The thought that my husband and I finding each other "hot" (a common expression defined in the dictionary as : sexy, attractive) turns your stomach is your problem, not mine, but I wanted you to know your hostile attitude (which I just don't get, some Christian thing,, maybe?) has lost you two enthusiastic readers who will no longer be recommending your site to others.

I could say something equally rude to you in return, but I'll pass and just think of pleasant thoughts, like the hot sex life I enjoy with husband. Which is a topic brought up on YOUR site, not something I go around crowing about regularly.

Please, no response required.



juls said...

Jayne has no sex life.

Those Panda commercials are awesome, I had to watch them all three times.

stephy said...

My favorite parts are where he bangs the keyboard against the desk and puts his paws in the flour!

Rye said...

I got distracted and confused while reading this: was it the panda that was having the hot sex life or the cheese that doesn't like your "ew" comments?

stephy said...

Now I'M confused. THANKS RYAN.