Tuesday, March 22, 2011

earthquake prediction, lavender hour, and faux comedy

Okay, so check this out. This scientist lady predicted the Japan earthquake based on planet alignment. I know it sounds far-fetched, but just watch.

I heard them talk about that earthquake thing on the last Lavender Hour (my new second-favorite podcast). It's Duncan Trussel and Natasha Leggero and I love it love it love it. On this episode Duncan was talking about how Digg.com was bought out and they sneaked advertising into all the links and you'd think you were clicking on something awesome but it was just an ad they tried to sneakily place and make it look like a candid video. Duncan goes (and I typed it out cause I loved it) "You ad guys are failing miserably. No one is dumb enough to think that your cleverly worded link that leads to something about a major corporation is anything other than that. We all get it, you’re not fooling anybody, all it’s doing is making you look like absolute idiots. People are too savvy. Just say what’s good about it and hope people buy it and leave us alone. Just stop plastering your cancer ads everywhere, you fuckin reptilians. Nobody wants to look at it anymore. It’s become appalling. Maybe if you could figure out a way to do it…well, I don't know how you could do it. We’re all waking up to the truth that 99% of the nonsense you’re pumping into the veins of America is poison." At some other point he went "Our liberties have been taken away by the corporate overlords and there’s nothing you can do about it. Everything you see on tv, anything you retrieve from the mainstream media has been run through a series of filters that have turned it into a watered down form of capitalist diarrhea."

Then Natasha was talking about how she's getting ready to do a Comedy Central special but she can't say all these words and pussy is one of them, and Duncan said this: "Why can’t you talk about pussy? Why can’t you talk about the main portal through which human beings enter this planet? In fact, it’s the only portal. They're scared kids are going to hear? The kids just crawled out of a pussy. Pussy is the #1 driving force behind all these idiots working in these corporations anyway. It’s the secret god of capitalism and nobody wants to say its name. It’s eerie man, you should be able to talk about pussy and cunt and whatever. These kids are gonna find out."

They also talked about how Nancy Grace is a M.I.L.K. (mom you'd like to kill).

I was also mesmerized by this guy's "comedy" videos —

Here's an interview with him on Videogum. Just enchanting!

And I really liked this interview with Bono, and I really like this Bangable Dudes in History site. And I think that's all for now.

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