Thursday, February 10, 2011

kid quotes

Our friends Jordan and Greta watched the kids the other night and Greta emailed me this:

Lol, we keep remembering cute things your kids said or did the other day- they really are so unique and fun!

Lolly said, 'I can say 'library' in Texan. 'lahhhhbrerry.'
Me, 'Oh that's good! Did your mom teach you how to say that?'
'No, no, I taught myself Texan.'
Judah in the background pumping her up, 'Yeah, she teaches herself lots of words..."
And Lolly nodding confidently.

(I might have to send you more, they are just too sweet!)
Oh, and this was funny...last night when I got home from work David was cooking steak for my birthday and Judah said "I wanted daddy to cook hot dogs and french fries but he's making, like, romantic food."


Rebecca M said...

"...romantic food..."

e2c said...


I like "romantic food," too. ;)