Wednesday, February 9, 2011

it is my birthday

I'm 36 today! But it's a weird birthday. No one at work really knows it's my birthday but I'm getting lots of Facebook love, 70 messages so far. We are officially in the future.

Also weird is that I'm back to taking crying breaks in the bathroom. Last night we had a meeting with friends and I was very sad and I cried almost the whole time. Then when it was over I cried all the way home and for about an hour in bed before I could fall asleep. David said (lovingly and cutely, not meanly) that I'm like Ed in Raising Arizona when they took the baby home and she was crying "I just love him so much!" and it's true, I was kind of crying like that. So now I'm at work and I've been taking bathroom breaks to cry some more and then dusting myself off and getting back to work, then having another cry break. I'm very professional about my crying. I feel like the Crying Wife.

It's all just so sad I can't stand it.


Amanda said...

happy bay love!

Still Breathing said...


juls said...

I'm sorry about all of this church grief. It was your family and you are completely justified in your feelings. I cried for over a week when one of my good friends moved away three years ago. I hadn't done this in years. It was a true mourning for our friendship. It gets better.

stephy said...

Thanks Julie! I feel better today. I miss you and Bobby and Auggie.

e2c said...

oh man... i cried a LOT when I went through a similar situation.

the last straw was when i tried to go back to this church (in the middle of everything going on) and burst into tears - real sobbing, not just a few stray tears - at the beginning of the service. i couldn't stop and ... then i picked myself up and left and have not been back inside the place since.

it was such a relief to get out into the fresh air, away from it all.


stephy said...

Thanks e2c!

AnikkiV said...

as for the crying wife ... sometimes a good stiff drink helps.

e2c said...

@ Stephy: de nada!

and a very belated happy b-day to you.