Thursday, January 13, 2011

christian music listening challenge, day 4

I turned on Spirit 105.3 two days ago for my daily experimental dose of Christian music. The song playing was a sorta indiscernible mix of reggae with the most common CCM sound and the chorus went "I was made to love you" over and over (and over). Then each verse seemed to talk about how great certain things were about living for the Lord and THEN one line I remember exactly said "haters try to dampen my dreams but I'm gonna keep on striving." What? What does that have to do with Jesus? It was the Osteen/missional/Acts 29 message that seemed to slink in there. ARGH. Off went the radio. On came Ike and Tina.

Next day I turned on Spirit 105.3 and the same song was playing that I heard a couple days ago that went "oh how he loves us" for six plus minutes. Off went the radio. That was my dose for the day.


Still Breathing said...

Glad to hear you're not over doing it - I wasd worried for your sanity!

Emily said...

You are nutz.